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Advance Praise For Notable New York:

"As an architectural historian who has lived all his 67 years on Manhattan’s West Side, I thought I knew the area pretty well. Stephen Plumb has shown me otherwise. His splendid book has opened my eyes to a fascinating parade of people and places; an olio of architecture and anecdote; and a delightful diversion from the usual deathly dull guidebook. The starting point is people—the cloyingly good, the outrageously bad, the embarrassingly public, the reclusively private, and even those I never realized had ever lived here. Stephen Plumb has put a human face on otherwise faceless buildings, and enlivened our understanding of the many smaller neighborhoods that make up Manhattan’s West side. And he’s given us a light-hearted and charming read in the process.
Thank you, Stephen."

--Andrew Alpern, Author

"Plumb, a research librarian who resides in Minnesota, must be captivated by New York City. He first published The Streets Where They Lived: A Walking Guide to the Residences of Famous New Yorkers in 1989 and now offers this title, which is to be followed by a second one in 2007 covering New York's East Side. Here he provides 33 walking tours that touch on the lives of more than 700 actors, artists, authors, musicians, and other notables who have lived in 600 residences on the West Side of Manhattan in the last 150 years. Each person's entry includes a brief history of what that person was doing in his or her field while residing at the address provided. With some help from street maps and pictures, readers can now visit the homes of Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce, Thomas Edison, Bob Dylan, and Babe Ruth. Plumb's lively anecdotes engage the reader and make the book a pleasure to read from cover to cover. This excellent supplement to travel guides to New York City is recommended for large public libraries and those with extensive travel collections."

--John McCormick
Library Journal, March 15, 2006, page 89.

This is just the kind of book I love. Clear, concise facts, logically organized, packed with information I never knew. What a treat to discover someone who loves the details of the city enough to share them with us all. Its easy to use because of the handy maps and compact enough to take out on the streets with a bagel and a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda. Can’t wait for the East Side volume!

Bill Morgan
Author of
The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg

This is the home site of Stephen W. Plumb, author of the new 2006 book “Notable New York: A Walking Guide to the Historic Homes of Famous (and Infamous) New Yorkers.” It has been published in two volumes covering the West and East Sides of Manhattan.

Book One:
Notable New York
A Walking Guide to the Historic Homes of Famous (and Infamous) New Yorkers. The West Side & Greenwich Village.

Book Two:
Notable New York
A Walking Guide to the Historic homes of Famous (and Infamous) New Yorkers. The East Side.

These two volumes in combination identify 1500 people in 62 walking tours with street maps, photos, and anecdotes about the colorful lives of these memorable New Yorkers at each destination.

Steve Plumb's Notable New York books are available in the U.S. and in Canada in travel book stores, independent book stores, chain bookstores, as well as through internet book sellers. Individual copies of the books may be obtained from the publisher at 1-800-669-4908. Notable New York is handled to the bookselling trade through IPG Books, Chicago (1 - 800 888-4741)

Other books by the Author:

The Streets Where They Lived: A Walking Guide to the Residences of Famous New Yorkers (1989)

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"A fascinating parade of people and places, a lighthearted and charming read."
—Historian Andrew Alpern

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