Stephen W. Plumb

Notable New York

A Walking Guide to the Historic Homes of Famous (and Infamous) New Yorkers. The West Side & Greenwich Village.

Notable New York is a walking guide to the abodes of celebrated New Yorkers, movie stars, Broadway and film performers, musicians, authors, artists, politicians, and even a few underworld characters during the last 150 years. More than any other American city, New York embodies the romance of the past and Author Stephen W. Plumb became fascinated as he walked the streets of Manhattan and recognized his desire to identify the many places where the individuals he had encountered in his readings had lived, loved and worked, on the very streets he walked. “Their spirits remain present there,” the author feels. “On block after block, you can still find the former residences remaining as memorials.” In his book, Plumb traces where Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio relaxed after hitting a long one at Yankee Stadium, where Scott Fitzgerald partied with Zelda and where George Gershwin and Irving Berlin worked out some of their most memorable songs. The author walks readers to the hotels where the young James Dean and Marlon Brando nervously first awaited stardom, where Katharine Hepburn once called home, where Mark Twain held court, or where Edgar Allan Poe went to become inspired to write The Raven. You’ll find the place where Edward Hopper, Willem de Kooning, and John Sloan painted their masterpieces.

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"A fascinating parade of people and places, a lighthearted and charming read."
—Historian Andrew Alpern

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